Camerons asks newly qualified lawyers to defer

CMS Cameron McKenna has pushed back the start dates of some of the trainee solicitors who were due to qualify with the firm this month (September).

Seven trainees who would have ordinarily qualified on 1 September have agreed to defer their start dates by up to three months.

Camerons offered jobs to 21 out of 30 September 2009 qualifiers while a further two trainees took up paralegal positions including one with the firm’s inhouse counsel. However, the qualification process was delayed by six weeks to help the firm secure positions for as many of the newly qualified lawyers (NQs) as possible.

Camerons’ graduate recruitment partner Simon Pilcher said: “Our job is to maximise the number of newly qualified jobs available. Delaying the start dates of some of our newly qualified lawyers has enabled us to achieve a higher retention rate.”

Of the NQs who have agreed to defer two are due join the corporate department, two are in pensions, two more are in litigation and one in technology litigation.

The firm has not offered any compensation to the NQs as the positions they are taking up were advertised with a later start date in advance not retrospectively.