Calm in a storm – Exeter Law Fair 2012

Aside from the persistent, unimaginable weather conditions, the University of Exeter Law Fair was a success. It was held on the 22nd November; the day in which torrential downpours ensured extensive flooding in the South West, resulting in travel chaos and lengthy delays to train services.

Over fifty law firms were scheduled to appear at the law fair, each having their own unique stand trying to entice students to apply to their firm. A range of innovative freebies were on display this year from the uniqueness of Simmons & Simmons ‘stress ball’ cars, to the practicality of CMS Cameron McKenna’s ergonomically designed pen set. The unprecedented weather conditions meant that an exhaustive list of London based firms were unable to make it at the required time; some not being able to make it at all. The firms who could not attend nonetheless had their stall constructed with Graduate Recruitment brochures and leaflets for enthusiastic students to collect.

Being Brand Ambassador for Simmons & Simmons this year meant that I had the opportunity to help attract students to the firm at the fair. I was warned prior to the event that the team accompanying me on the stand would be later than expected due to travel problems. I had prepared for such an event so I was able to offer Simmons & Simmons the best possible service I could. In fact, it turned out the team managed to get to Exeter on time and we began talking to prospective applicants.

The students at the law fair ranged from budding first-year students, though these were rare, to fourth-year students whom had driven especially to Exeter to attend the fair. The most common group of students were the nervous, yet ambitious second-year students, preparing to make their all-important vacation scheme and training contract applications. As a student myself, it was interesting to see how much the students varied in the stages they were at in considering their future careers. Some students had sent off multiple applications to City firms, whilst others were unaware as to what they should be doing.

My Simmons colleagues had to leave early to ensure they would not miss the train back to London; I was left responsible for the Simmons stand. I fell confidently into my role, answering comprehensively any questions that were asked about the firm. I would definitely feel confident independently representing Simmons again.

As the law fair drew to a close, the comical solicitors that you may ordinarily find tucked away in an office decided to do the rounds and collect freebies from other firms; it was amusing to watch professionals getting very excited over a bag of popcorn, or a multi-coloured highlighter.