Burges Salmon posts 91 per cent retention

Burges Salmon has held on to 21 out of its 23 qualifying trainees (91 per cent), maintaining a strong run that dates back six years.

Since 2008, retention at the Bristol firm has only dropped below 90 per cent once (85 per cent in 2011). It kept on 100 per cent of its qualifiers last year

No fewer then six trainees have qualified into the firm’s dispute resolution department. Environment, planning and energy has taken three NQs; construction, private client, pensions, commercial and corporate have all taken two each; and employment and real estate have found room for one apiece.

Meanwhile, Nabarro has found spaces for two extra trainees, bumping its retention rate up from 83 per cent to 94 per cent. It will keep on 17 of its 18 qualifiers, rather than the 15 it originally reported.