BPP ups cost of legal courses for 2012 starters

BPP Law School has hiked the fees for its Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) by five per cent for September 2012.

Peter Crisp

Peter Crisp

Aspiring lawyers will have to pay up to £13,550 and £16,540 respectively for the LPC and BPTC in London. Currently the fees are £12,900 and £15,750.

The cost of studying the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) will also rise, up by £450 from £8,950 to £9,400.

BPP chief executive Peter Crisp said: “Since 2009, the fees for many of our law programmes have either been frozen or increased at a rate below inflation – for example our GDL and LPC fees have been held for two years.

“With a modest increase this year, overall the percentage increase in fees over the last three years has been small and in line with the current rate of inflation.”

The news follows the launch of BPP’s much-vaunted law loan in partnership with Investec. The five-year loan has a fixed interest rate of 9.5 per cent and annual percentage rate of 9.9 per cent, making the product much more expensive than other personal loans from high street lenders (6 July 2011).

Rival law school the College of Law will reveal its 2012 fees in January. Its LPC and BPTC fees currently cost a maximum of £12,550 and £15,375.

Kaplan Law School has also announced fee rises, although BPP remains the most expensive. Its LPC will cost £12,850 and its BPTC fee will be £15,800 for 2012 starters.

Meanwhile, City Law School, which charges £12,550 and £16,000 for the LPC and BPTC respectively, will announce 2012-13 figures early next year.