BPP redundancies will not affect students, says dean

Law students at BPP’s London centres will not be affected by the relocation of staff, law school dean Peter Crisp has said.

Around 40 back office staff will be made redundant across the education giant as it moves positions from London to Manchester. Jobs in its call centre, admissions, marketing, planning and scheduling departments will be moved up North, with some staff relocating but many choosing not to.

Peter Crisp, dean of BPP Law School said: “Students will not be affected. The call centre is not used for the law school and other departments are not in direct contact with students; they are the end of a phone or have no contact at all. It (the move) will benefit the law school.”

The news was first reported on Roll on Friday.

Last year, BPP announced a tie-up with Stephenson Harwood (6 December 2012).