BPP hikes LPC fees by 6% as prices rise across country

Legal Practice Course fees have risen for 2016/17, with the average cost of the course in London now standing at £13,258, Lawyer 2B can reveal.

The most expensive courses are those of BPP and the University of Law. Both their LPCs are offered in London for £15,240. Previously, ULaw stood alone as the most expensive provider; however, BPP has hiked its fees by 6 per cent across all its branches. By contrast, ULaw has only raised fees by 3.2 per cent in London.

The cheapest course remains that of Leeds Beckett University, at £7,700, up from £7,500.

Last year, Nottingham Trent was the only university to drop its price – by 4 per cent, from £11,400 to £10,900. Fees at that institution rose this year, though only by 1.8 per cent to £11,100.

Among the smaller fee hikes, in Bristol, the University of the West of England raised prices by 0.5 per cent to £10,950, while the University of Law’s fee in Birmingham only rose by 1.1 per cent.

A number of smaller providers, including Anglia Ruskin and Birmingham City University, have not increased their fees.

The number of law schools offering the LPC has fallen in recent years. Lawyer 2B revealed this week that Hertfordshire has suspended its LPC for 2016, saying: “We don’t feel we can charge £12,000 for a course that might not be valid in 2018.”

Oxford Brookes dropped the LPC in 2013, to outrage from students. Following that, several smaller providers also discontinued the course, including Plymouth University and the National College of Legal Training, while Anglia Ruskin suspended its LPC in Colchester, suggesting students commute to its Cambridge campus instead.

Last August Kaplan Law School, previously the third-largest provider after BPP and ULaw, also withdrew the course.

Selected LPC fees: 2016/17

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