BPP charges £15,750 for bar training course as all providers hike fees

BPP Law School (BPP) has hiked the fees for its Bar Practice Training Course (BPTC) to £15,750 for 2011, meaning that when the Bar Standard Board fees are factored in students will have to fork out over £16,000 to enroll.

Peter Crisp

Peter Crisp

The news comes as the prospect of rising university tuition fees has become a reality with a report revealing that Cambridge University is to charge the maximum £9,000 from next year.

BPP dean Peter Crisp said: “The increase in the BPTC fees this year reflects the resource-heavy nature of the programme. For example, we now teach advocacy in small groups of four students to one tutor – we believe that our staff-to-student ratio is unmatched by other providers.

“Our GDL and LPC fees were frozen last year and haven’t increased since 2009. With a modest increase this year, overall the percentage increase in fees over the last two years for these programmes has been below the rate of inflation.”

Rival providers the College of Law (CoL) and Kaplan Law School have also raised their fees, although with these standing at £15,375 and £15,450 respectively BPP is the most expensive of the three. 

CoL, meanwhile, has also seen a significant increase in its LPC fees, which have gone up from £11,870 to £12,550. This figure is still dwarfed by BPP, which is charging £12,900.

The City Law School has not released prices for all courses for the next academic year, but is expected to do so next month. Kaplan, meanwhile, has increased its LPC fees from £11,950 to £12,295.

Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) fees have also seen a rise, with CoL and Kaplan charging £8,870 and £8,400 respectively, while BPP will now charge £8,950.

CoL has again pushed its GDL fees up, with a rise of almost 6 per cent from £8,390 to £8,870.