BPP celebrates students’ LLB success

The first ever cohort of students from BPP Law School have gained a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree after completing its new Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) conversion course.

Out of the 86 students who signed up to upgrade their existing GDL to an LLB by completing two additional modules 76 passed.

Peter Crisp, dean of BPP, said: “Whilst we can part attribute the success to our excellent teaching staff and programme content, it’s largely down to the dedication and commitment demonstrated by these students and I’d like to congratulate and praise them for their hard work”.

The news comes after the law school launch a new online version of its LLB degree in a bid to give students more flexibility.

The new online option costing around £10,800 has been designed so it can be studied for two or three years full-time or for a period of six years part-time.

But unlike other courses students will be able to sign up on a module-by-module basis each term meaning they will be able to shift between part-time and full-time study modes.

BPP was named the first private sector, publicly owned institution to be granted degree-awarding powers in September 2007.

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