BPP and Huddersfield students take prizes in LawWorks’ pro bono awards

A student from BPP has been recognised by LawWorks for her pro bono efforts.

Graduate Diploma in Law student Helen Ingram won the pro bono organisation’s annual award for ’Best Contribution by an Individual Student’ for her work on a variety of matters. In particular, she was an intern on the Anti-Trafficking Legal Project, in which she spent between six and 10 hours per week producing legal research on specific countries, to be used by lawyers in evidencing the protection needs of victims of trafficking.

LawWorks said that, ”in particular, Helen’s research showed real tenacity and determination in that she was able to discover information on highly relevant issues which practitioners have struggled to evidence.”

As well as volunteering for the Employment Telephone Advice Line, Ingram is also is a student director of the Legal Translation Service, which provides free translating and interpreting services primarily to NGOs.

Meanwhile, the University of Huddersfield’s Legal Advice Clinic took the award for ’Best Contribution by a Team of Students’. Between September and December 2014, they spent a total of 935 hours volunteering within the LAC and assisting outside agencies. 

The University of Strathclyde won the gong for ’Best Contribution by a Law School’, while Greenwich won  the ’Best New Student Pro Bono Activity’ category. Only opened in March 2014, it is now the only pro bono service available in central Greenwich and 150 students have already volunteered with it.

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