Birmingham law schools close early due to rioting

Escalating riots have forced Birmingham law school giants to shut their doors early due to potential disruption.

BPP Law School and the College of Law have confirmed that they are closing their Birmingham centres early today (Tuesday), with BPP shutting at 3pm instead of 8.30pm as a precaution to avoid possible trouble after the violence and looting spread to the central city today.

In a statement a BPP spokesperson said: “Safety of our staff and students is paramount at all times.  None of our facilities have been damaged or staff or students harmed in the incidents, and like any city centre organisation we’re in contact with the police and are monitoring the situation on a local basis.   

“We’re liaising with our centre managers on an individual basis, and will take action to inform staff and students of any emergency plans if they arise.”

The College of Law has also announced it will be closing at 4:45pm rather than 6pm due to possible disruption and to ensure the safety of students travelling to and from the college.

Although neither law school is currently running lectures and seminars, the institutions remain available over the summer period for revision and resits.

BPP and CoL have centres based in key points of the country where riots have reportedly spread including London, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester.