Bird & Bird teams up with BT for science workshops

Bird & Bird and BT have teamed up to offer sixth-formers the chance to learn about intellectual property law while encouraging them to study science at university. 

The firm advises in many different areas of law but is particularly well known for its large intellectual property department and is a long-term adviser to BT.

The two-day workshop, in conjunction with University College London science diversity organisation Generating Genius, will aim to encourage and help attendees to apply to study science at university and will be hosted at Bird & Bird and BT’s London offices on 9th and 10th April.

It will consist of seminars on presentation skills and intellectual property and a pitching session, in which students will be asked to design a future product for BT.

Corporate responsibility manager Laura Houston said: “Bird & Bird and BT are excited to be collaborating with Generating Genius to host this two-day workshop. It will be a great opportunity for us to work with bright students to give an insight into their possible future careers.”

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