Barrister wins pro bono award for groundbreaking death row work

Joseph Middleton of Doughty Street Chambers has won the Bar Pro Bono Award for his work helping death row prisoners in Belize and Malawi.

Middleton has been assisting the Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to death penalty litigation in both juristictions, with huge success. In Belize, there are now no prisoners on death row for the first time in decades. In Malawi, 37 death row prisoners have been released and 18 more have been resentenced. 

Bar Pro Bono Unit President Lord Goldsmith said: “Joe’s hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work have produced remarkable results: Joseph’s work has not only saved the lives of many prisoners on death row, he has also created legal precedents restricting the use of the death penalty pending its eventual abolition.”

“Joseph’s contribution across all sectors by confronting important human rights issues without creating conflict has effected change at the highest levels for society’s most vulnerable members.”

Special mentions were also given to Joe Hingston of Carmelite Chambers for his work for the Centre for Criminal Appeals, and to Cloisters Chambers for its commitment to pro bono work. Cloisters worked for free on 140 cases as well as fundraising on behalf of the Bar Pro Bono Unit.

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