Bar Council asks students for views on Pupillage Gateway date change

The Bar Council is seeking views from students on whether it should move the Pupillage Gateway to January.

It announced in July its intention to shift the pupillage application system forward by three months. Up until this year the Pupillage Gateway has been open for applications during April.

The Bar Council says a move to January would “avoid the clashes between interviews and exams and dissertation deadlines which are a feature of the current timetable” and ”bring the timetable closer into line with those Authorised Training Organisations which currently recruit outside of the Gateway, making it much less likely that candidates will be made offers in advance of Pupillage Gateway offers.”

However, it is now seeking the input of chambers and students before it makes a final decision.

Anyone wishing to have a say can take a survey on the subject.


13 Jul 15: Pupillage Gateway to move to January