Apprenticeships in conveyancing launched

A consortium of businesses are collaborating to develop a new legal apprenticeship scheme in conveyancing.

The consortium is made up of representatives from the ten firms who volunteered in response to an open call to take part by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). The participating firms, which include a number of Alternative Business Stuctures, are: Countrywide Conveyancing Services; Convey Law; Conveyancing Direct; Dezrezlegal Ltd; Enact; Total Conveyancing Services; Premier Property Lawyers/MyHomeMove Ltd; and Specialist Property Lawyers.

The consortium will develop the new scheme over the next six months, with the first apprentices starting in autumn 2014. It is expected that participating apprentices will train for three years before qualifying as licensed conveyancers, with expected earnings of up to £30,000 upon qualification. 

CLC chief executive Sheila Kumar said: “We’re committed to supporting the development of a diverse profession that delivers the services consumers want to the highest professional standards, so we welcome the government’s commitment to financial assistance for apprenticeships as well as their drive to support development of world-class apprenticeship schemes.”