An internship with Warner Bros.

I first heard about the Warner Bros. legal internship through the careers service at The City Law School, where I was completing my LPC.

As soon as I read about the position, I was keen to apply as not only was the internship with one of the biggest film production companies in the world, but it was in the intellectual property and employment law teams in the European corporate legal and business affairs department. To put that into context, during my degree my two highest grades were in IP and employment law and two of the electives I chose for the LPC also included those modules. In short, the internship seemed like it was made for me.

Eleven months into my internship, I still find myself in awe with the quality of work I have been, and continue to be, given. For example, my responsibilities have included assisting in the drafting of key commercial agreements, relating to the UK premiere of one of Warner Bros.’ key film releases. I have been involved with the weird and wonderful legal issues that are encountered when running a state of the art film studios and a popular visitor attraction, which I have had the privilege of visiting. I am now also co-ordinating and tracking a number of Europe-wide projects and communicating with a wide variety of individuals in the UK, US and Europe, including senior executives, HR, divisional and subject specific lawyers.

Even the seemingly mundane tasks can become very engaging. For instance, I had to look through boxes of archive files. However, the interesting twist was that these files contained original sketches from one of the classic Warner Bros. superhero titles, which, as a childhood superhero fan, was truly a amazing experience.

In terms of what I have gained so far, this internship has reinforced and further developed the drafting and organisational skills I learnt on the LPC. Moreover, I am now fully aware of all the work that is put in before, during and after a film release, which is difficult to grasp when you’re sat enjoying a film in the cinema. This role has also opened my eyes to the many issues a global business can face, such as the differences in local laws across the various business territories, when planning companywide polices and the general compliance issues encountered through the day-to-day operations of a company. As a result, I feel more prepared to tackle the business world and hope to fully utilise what I have learnt to further my legal career.

Wayne Codogan completed the LPC at The City Law School, London