Addleshaw Goddard reveals 82% retention

Addleshaw Goddard has announced that it has retained 82 per cent, or 23 of its 28, of its autumn 2014 qualifying trainees as newly-qualified (NQ) lawyers.

The 23 are split across the top 30 firm’s offices in London, Leeds and Manchester. It is not known exactly how many trainees have headed to each department but nearly half will work within the corporate and commercial teams with the other half spread across the finance and projects, litigation and real estate departments.

Addleshaws struck a 100 per cent retention rate in March, with all six qualifiers staying with the firm. Last autumn, it had a similar retention rate, keeping on 81 per cent, or 25 of 31, trainees in NQ roles.

The news means that retention results have now been reported for 44 firms and over 1,000 trainees. In total, 833 out of 1,001 qualifiers will stay on at the firm that trained them – 83 per cent.

Addleshaw Goddard’s recent retention

Autumn 2014: 23 of 28 (82 per cent) 

Spring 2014: 6 of 6 (100 per cent)

Autumn 2013: 25 of 31 (81 per cent)

Spring 2013: 5 of 5 (100 per cent)

Autumn 2012: 27 of 32 (84 per cent)

Spring 2012: 6 of 8 (75 per cent)