Wilkinsons lord

Never let the truth get in the way of a celebrity lunch companion. That seems to be the philosophy of One Essex Courts top dog Lord Grabiner QC.

Clearly displaying his ability to pull the wool over unsuspecting eyes in this case his fellow Law Lords Grabiner took his wife and clerking team, Messrs Darren, Paul and Robert, to lunch at the House of Lords for the opening of Parliament.

Darren, it seems, bears a strong resemblance to Englands great rugby hero Jonny Wilkinson, a detail with which Grabiner delighted in making merry mischief. Far from clarifying the identity of his clerk, Grabiner perpetuated the myth, encouraging Darren to sign autographs during the luncheon.

Although the Snail can inform readers that Darren does indeed look like Mr Wilkinson, is it not a little disturbing that some of the most respected and intelligent individuals in the land failed to recognise the identity fraud? Not least since it was perpetrated using possibly the most recognisable Englishman at that time in the world.