Where are they now?

Lawyer 2B first encountered Mark Boardman after he wrote, designed and marketed the book Training Contract Winners on how to find a training contract. He did this all during his finals in two weeks with some help from his brother Luke.

What are you doing now?

I am in the fourth seat of a training contract with Norton Rose.

Has there been any student feedback?

I know that a number of students have been successful in their applications for training contracts and vacation placements after reading my book. Other students sometimes email me to say thank you for the tips. They sometimes ask me questions about their applications or ask whether I can amend their cover letter or CV.

How many copies have you shifted?

More than 1,000 copies have been sold through the website for the booklet.

What is your brother Luke doing now? Is he considering a law career?

Luke is completing the first year of a law degree at the London School of Economics. Apart from creating the website for Training Contract Winners he has set up his own small design company (www.ingybing.com). In terms of career choice, hes keeping his options open.
In 2001 you had produced two editions of Training Contract Winners. Have there been any updates since?
The book is updated each year with the latest statistics. However, Im rewriting it with several new sections, insights and even Japanese Manga-style cartoons.

Are you planning any more books?

There seems to be more and more overseas students coming to the UK and Ive toyed with the idea of writing a survival guide for them and to arrange to distribute it in their own countries. Ill have to think that one through a bit more though…

How were your summer placement experiences in Asia? Do you speak perfect Mandarin now?

They were fun and developed my character Id encourage everyone to live abroad for a while. I learned so much from my work experiences, which included internships at law firms, an investment bank and an American English-teaching television company. My Mandarin, however, is quite basic. I have plenty to work to do on that front.

Have you used your new language skills?

Not yet, but understanding the Chinese concept of guan xi (pronounced kwan see) is very important in the global network economy. Guan xi refers to the essence of building business relationships, which is a prerequisite to successful business in Eastern cultures.

Where can people interested in your book get more information?

Training Contract Winners can be ordered direct (4) from www.legal-lifeline.co.uk.