When asked which commercial issues interest me, what should I say?

In an interview situation, when asked about a commercial issue that interests you, what sort of thing should be included in your answer? Do firms prefer it if you single out a specific issue, or comment on a wider one, such as the credit squeeze?

This will vary from firm to firm and perhaps from interviewer to interviewer, but I’ll do my best to answer the question. In my experience if you are asked a question about a commercial issue it’s best to talk about something current and topical.

This will immediately demonstrate that you are someone who is up to date with commercial issues and, more importantly, are interested in them. If you choose a specific issue, such as Northern Rock, then be prepared to talk about some of the general issues that are behind it, chiefly the credit crunch in this example.

If you take things in too much isolation, there is a danger that you are simply regurgitating the news without really understanding the concepts that underpin it. In order to fully demonstrate that understanding you’ll need to be able to clearly explain the concepts involved and apply them in different scenarios.

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