What can I do to find out if the bar is for me?

I’m torn between a career as a barrister and solicitor. What can I do to find out whether the bar is for me?

A common way to find out whether the bar is for you is to apply for mini-pupillages, which are a form of work experience. Each chambers may have its own policy on such arrangements and some may not offer a mini-pupillage at all. Details on a chambers approach to mini-pupillage, and the process for applying, is usually stated on the sets website. When it comes to applying to a chambers for a pupillage, having one or more mini-pupillages on your CV (particularly if they are in the same areas of law as those undertaken by that chambers), is often seen as a strength. Therefore gaining a mini-pupillage can be competitive, requiring a written application and assessment. Other ways of finding out whether the Bar is for you might include competing in mooting competitions or essay prizes and, of course, sitting in the public gallery in open court.

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