Welsh Assembly to publish laws online

Legal experts at Cardiff University have been drafted in to keep track of any new laws passed by the Welsh Assembly.

A team from the university&#39s law school recently won a total of £160,000 research funding to help it launch Wales Legislation Online &#45 a website designed to monitor, explain and publish the Assembly&#39s entire legal output so that it can be easily referred to by anyone who needs access to this information.

As a result of devolution, English law does not necessarily apply in legislative areas such as planning, the environment, housing, social services and education.

When the Welsh Assembly took over from the Welsh Secretary of State in 1999 it took on more than 5,000 functions, which is not including the hundreds of acts and pieces of subordinate legislation that have been passed since then.

Professor David Miers, deputy head of Cardiff Law School, is leading the team of research staff, which includes a couple of law undergraduates.

Miers said the new resource had the potential to become &#34essential&#34 to anyone living in Wales, not just Assembly members and lawyers.

&#34Keeping track of distinctly Welsh law has become vital,&#34 he added. &#34We are all affected by the law in some way. We can no longer simply refer to English law and assume that it applies here.&#34

Go to http://www.wales-legislation.org.uk for more information.