Welsh Assembly gives lawyers language tips

The Welsh Assembly is publishing a handbook of standardised legal terms in a bid to ensure that lawyers across the country are speaking the same language.

With the advent of devolution, Welsh Assembly lawyers are required to draft legislation in both English and Welsh.

But problems occurred when officials realised that certain legal words do not exist in Welsh, while others vary from region to region.

Professor Thomas Watkin of Cardiff University&#39s Law School said that differences in vocabulary made it difficult to guarantee standards across the board.

He says: “For example there are two words for &#39lease&#39 in Welsh, which mean slightly different things. If I was asked to translate a document, I would do it one way, but someone else might not choose the same words. There needs to be an official translation which everyone must use.”

The new demand for bi-lingual lawyers has led Cardiff University to devise a Welsh law degree, which will launch later this year.

Around a dozen places will be available to native Welsh speakers from September.