Trainees donate text books to African students

Trainee solicitors at Brachers have donated their old legal textbooks to law students in Africa in a bid to help them pass their exams.

Eight trainees from the Kent law firm donated their old books to Clear International, a charity that provides legal education to some of the poorest parts of the world. Clear International handed the books over to law students in Africa who struggle to pay for the academic resources they need.

Gemma Radcliffe, a trainee solicitor at Brachers, said: We all went to law school and we dont need these books anymore.

The purpose is to give lawyers an education and access to books they wouldnt normally have access to and this should help them improve their legal knowledge, Radcliffe added.

Christine John, director of Clear International, said: In Africa, where text books are scarce and very expensive, law students flock to any library facility that offers them the chance of such resources. As they gather in libraries, projects like [ours] are able to excite them with the possibilities for service in their communities.