Top female earner joins the bench

Elizabeth Gloster QC, the highest-earning female barrister who was set to rake in 2m in 2004, has been appointed as the first female judge of the Commercial Court, which deals with the UKs biggest cases.

Only Lord Grabiner QC and Gordon Pollock QC, the bars biggest earners, each bringing in 3m a year, earn more than Gloster.

In April, Gloster joined the High Court bench, which currently has just eight female judges, compared with a total of 99 male judges.

Her appointment has particular significance, as it makes her the first female judge at the 110-year-old Commercial Court, where the countrys largest insolvency, insurance, marine and general commercial cases are heard.

Glosters move will result in an income drop to around 13 times less than her current salary.
Her bar career included prosecuting in the Guinness criminal case, which is unusual for a barrister renowned for general commercial work.