Tips from the top

BEING commercially aware is essential for those all-important training contract interviews, but it doesn’t have to be a painful experience, argues

Charlie Jacobs, a corporate partner in charge of graduate recruitment at magic circle firm Iinklaters.

“I meet students who tell me they spend an hour a day reading the business pages, but find it is awfully hard work. So I share with them my method of reading the Financial Times in five minutes.

“First of all you scan the front page of the news section and take in the headlines. Next, have a look at the front page of the Companies and Markets section. Lastly, turn over the news section and read the Lex column on the back page and you will really get to the heart of what is happening out there. And you can do it in the lobby every morning:’

Although such sound advice is always welcome, does Jacobs actually practice what he preaches? ‘Well, I don’t actually read the FT;’ he admits. “I read The Times for business because it also has a sports section and the FT doesn’t:’ You heard it here first.