Theodores lawyers face Paxman

A Theodore Goddard trainee has captained her law firm and the legal profession in a spin-off version of University Challenge

MiMi Aye Min, a first-year trainee, applied to University Challenge &#45 The Professionals last November, but had to find three team-mates.

As a result of a firmwide email and an informal trivia quiz audition, corporate partner William James, media and internet litigation partner David Engel and property litigation associate Scott Goldstein were all recruited onto the team.

Almost 1,000 teams from a huge range of professions, from poets to MPs, applied to appear on the show, and Theodore Goddard had to beat off stiff competition from 30 other law firms to reach the final stages.

&#34We were one of 245 teams to be called in for interview,&#34 Aye Min recalled. &#34But they wouldn&#39t tell us who any of the unsuccessful 30 law firms were.&#34

Having made it down to the last 22, the team members relaxed and did not even bother to revise before they appeared in front of the studio audience in Manchester.

&#34One of the partners bought Schott&#39s [Original] Miscellany and we looked at that. But we tried to play it cool,&#34 said Aye Min.

Although the outcome of the Theodore Goddard team&#39s match against the clergy (consisting of four vicars) is still a closely guarded secret, all will be revealed come

mid-May, when the contest is eventually screened.