The Skys brightest star

The Skys brightest starYou know how niche media firms are always banging on about how the last thing they want is star-struck wannabe-famous lawyers?

Well, Tulkinghorn is now convinced that the same is absolutely not true of in-housers.

The lawyers in BSkyBs legal department have just proved themselves to be a rather talented bunch. Well, one of them at least. Denise Nurse, a sports lawyer from the department, last month won a company-wide talent contest. The 28-year-old beat 12,000 staff, including six colleagues from the legal department, to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present a show on one of BSkyBs channels.

Nurse and two other contestants were voted for by fellow staff after taking part in an X Factor-style show, which was televised on one of BSkyBs internal channels. The contestants also had to take a grilling from a panel of judges, although Tulkinghorn was assured that none were as nasty as Simon Cowell.

Nurse said that shes keen to present either a lifestyle, travel or sports show.