The oldest profession

The oldest professionIf youre struggling to pay your way through law school without the helping hand of a wealthy law firm, then spare a thought for a student of Stanford Law School in the US.

Recent reports in two Bay Area newspapers allege that one of the prestigious schools 2001 graduates financed her costly education by working as a call girl.

The student, Cristina Leeann Schultz, allegedly paid off more than $300,000 (161,000) in student loans by working as a prostitute. Although Schultz has not been charged with any crime, the reports state that in January, the government seized $61,000 (33,000) in cash, alleging it was ill-gotten gains from a prostitution service.
Stories in the Oakland Tribune and San Joses The Mercury News report that Schultz who used the name Brazil featured on a website advertising escort services for companionship and dating only, that describes her as a Portuguese-speaking entertainer and physical model.

The need for greater financial support to be made available to those wishing to enter the profession has never been more transparent.