The name game

There is nothing more enjoyable than a night in with a warm drink and a good quiz. As a result, the Snail was set a-quiver with delight when he noticed that the most recent Legal Executives Student and Education Supplement 2003 contains no fewer than three different brain teasers. After romping through Devilish Davinas Dazzling and Delectable Selection of Devious Brain Teasers (yes, really), the Snail turned to the Student Bill of Fayre, an oddly-titled quiz on the back page, which had been written by one Bill Thomas. After reading just a handful of the 40 questions, the Snail noticed that all of the answers involved either the words William or Thomas. Thinking that this was remarkably unusual, the Snail soon twigged the man behind the quiz was William (Bill for short) Thomas, who clearly must have a strange obsession with his own name. In fact, as the Snail read on, he noticed that the audacious William (Bill) Thomas had included a question about himself in the quiz. Who is the Legal Beagle? the answer, of course, being William Thomas. Quite perturbed by this, the Snail is looking forward to the next installment from Ilex goodness knows what gems it will include.