The Dog wins cup for having the best tackle

Andy Nellist, a trainee at Rooks Rider, has won the prestigious Drennan Cup Weekly Award, which according to those in the know is one of coarse fishings most coveted prizes.

The competition runs over two months and each week a panel of big-fish experts size up catches submitted by anglers, judging them on the basis of the relative merit of the catch.

If that wasnt enough, at the seasons end all the previous weekly winners from the competition which has been going for 20 years now, so theres a fair few weekly winners then vote on who should be the overall winner of the cup.

Nellist, whose nickname is The Dog (dont ask), impressed the judges by amassing staggering catches of large-specimen fish of five different species.

He comments on a fishing website: I spend most of my bankside time fishing alone on waters that other anglers rate as too hard to bother with.

Take note, dear reader: the path to success can be a lonely one.