Student wins fight over speeding charge

A law student has been forced to drop out of his studies after spending 2,000 on successfully fighting a speeding charge.

Steve Lucas, who attended Edgehill University in Liverpool, was pulled over by police on the M62 and was accused of driving at 115mph. However, Lucas knew his 1.2 litre Fiat Punto was not capable of this speed and mounted a spirited 18-month legal battle against the police.

As part of the fight he hired an independent road traffic consultant to test the car under controlled conditions. The test found the cars top speed to be 104mph.

The case went to court in Pontefract and the charge was dropped by magistrates. But the victory has come at a heavy cost for Lucas as he has had to drop out of university and sell his car after running up a bill of 2,000 on legal fees and funding the test.

Lucas is understood to be working while considering his next career move.