Student sues over summer homework

A student in the US has filed a lawsuit in the Milwaukee County Circuit Court seeking a ban throughout Wisconsin on compulsory homework over the summer vacation.

Peer Larson and his father brought the action against Whitnall High School because they were unhappy with the way officials at the school handled their complaint of an unfair workload.

The pair complained to the school after Larson struggled to complete three maths assignments last summer, which had to be returned to the co-defendant Aaron Bieniek in accordance with a strict deadline.

In the petition the Larsons allege that Bieniek would accept no excuses for missing the deadlines, including family vacations, parental excuses,illness or even a death in the family.

They also allege that requiring students to do homework over the summer is poor public policy. “These students are still children, yet they are subjected to increasing pressure to perform to even higher standards in numerous theatres. Come summer they need a break. And they need to get back into the sync and rhythm of family life.”

The Larsons are demanding that all future homework during the summer break should be voluntary and the grading of these assignments should be included only in the final grade at the students discretion. They are also insisting that this policy should be introduced throughout Wisconsin.

Whitnall School did not return calls for comment.