Student rails against ICSL red tape after failing exam

A disgruntled student from the Inns of Court School of Law (ICSL) staged a one-man protest and called for the sacking of a law school head after he failed the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) by one mark.

Harry Salaman passed 14 of the 15 final exams, but claims he was ill during his company law paper, which he failed by one point. Although he submitted a doctor&#39s note after the event, Salaman said he was unhappy with the way the ICSL, part of the Institute of Law, had treated his case.
“Nobody returned my calls,” he said. “It took them 24 days to tell me there was no chance [of getting the mark] and that I had to do my exams again. It was positively cruel.”

After an unsuccessful telephone call with ICSL dean Professor Adrian Keane, a frustrated Salaman decided to stage his own protest outside the law school and the offices of the Bar Council in London. Brandishing a hand-painted placard that stated &#39Sack Adrian Keane NOW&#39, Salaman alleged that he had been warned off “making trouble” because it would not do his career any favours.

But Professor Martin Dockray, director of the Institute of Law, said rules were rules and that, unfortunately, nothing could be done about Salaman&#39s situation.

“The school denies this allegation. Under the assessment regulations, which conform to the Bar Council&#39s assessment framework, mitigating circumstances may only result in an attempt being discounted,” explained Dock-ray. “The dean explained this to Mr Salaman and also told him that if he wished to be called to the Bar then he needed to resit and pass the paper in company law.
“I have more than once offered to meet Mr Salaman to discuss his concerns.”