Spiralling BVC fees threaten Bar access

Tuition fees for the BVC have soared by £2,000 in the space of two years, at a time when the Bar Council fears the prospect of heavy student debt is hampering access to the profession.

London’s BPP Law School is now home to the most expensive legal vocational course in the country, where the BVC has risen from £8,750 in 2001-2002 to £10,750. The BVC at the College of Law in London has upped its fees by £700, taking its total cost to £9,500 per year.

Institutions can set their own course fees, but the issue of rising BVC costs is one that the Bar Council is planning to examine during its inquiry into student debt and access, which will report back in July.

Tuition fees for the LPC have also increased, but at a much more gentle pace.