Southampton Uni law soc gets facelift

Southampton University Law Societys new president is putting education ahead of socialising in a bid to put its members ahead of the game when it comes to securing training contracts.

Southamptons law society has been given a makeover by its new president Marek Lorenc, who was recented voted into the post.

Lorenc has said previous leaders have traditionally focused heavily on the social aspects to the detriment of all else.

But he has been spending his time organising educational trips, redesigning the societys branding and has even dipped his toes into the fashion world and created a clothing line for students.

Weve already been on a trip to London where we had a tour around the House of Lords and we now want to organise more educational trips. Were going to Brussels, The Hague and Amsterdam to visit legal bodies there including the European Parliament, said Lorenc.

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