Smaller law firms rebuff City-focused LPC

Law firms do not want the LPC to become any more specialised than it already is, according to the preliminary findings of a study into the role of trainee solicitors.

Amanda Fancourt, a research fellow at the UK Centre for Legal Education, has been asking if large commercial firms are the only ones to want a tailor-made version of the LPC. “I wondered what the smaller firms want – whether the whole profession wanted specialisation or if it was just the big commercial firms who had a much bigger voice?”

Through interviews and questionnaires, Fancourt discovered that the majority of firms seem happy with the ‘normal’ LPC’s broad base, although they know very little about what their trainees have been studying.

“There is a broad lack of knowledge about the content of the LPC,” she added. “But firms are happy to train up trainees in specific areas of law themselves.”

One respondent said their firm had been “wrong-footed” by the LPC in the past and said their expectations of what knowledge or skills trainees would arrive with had been downgraded to zero.