Sexism in the City

Sexism in the understands that trainees go through a lot at their law firms. Demeaned by performing the lowest tasks available, such as photocopying and carrying out reams of mind-numbing due diligence on corporate deals, they are often right to feel aggrieved.

But not all trainees are degraded to the level of those at media firm Harbottle & Lewis, which has taken to pimping out its young lawyers for a whiff of national press coverage.

One of’s switched-on news seekers obtained an email sent to a broadsheet by the firm’s PR agency complete with a picture of Harbottles’ strapping trainees to try to drum up some interest in the firm.

The said PR person apparently wanted to sell a story about the wonderful working conditions at Harbottles, using a healthy sprinkling of sex to spice up the offering.

“This item might make an excellent picture story to cheer up credit crunch-induced depression,” went the pitch. “I think seeing a beautiful woman on the front page of the FT might well do wonders for the economy!”

It might take more than a picture of a young lawyer to revive the world’s panicked stock markets, but the PR push continued unabashed, concluding with the following come-on: “Here are some low-resolution pictures for your perusal. High-resolution pictures are also available.”

Whatever next? Some grainy 8mm video footage?