Present and correct

Present and correctSix flights, 16 train journeys, and 11 overnight stays and were only half way through the milkround season. Yes, you might notice that youre friendly neighbourhood recruiters are starting to look a little bit jaded and rough around the edges, but theres still everything to play for as we make our way round the UK to visit your university.

And its been a season of ups and downs already the lows being: turning up to a hotel that wasnt actually built yet (they were nearly as surprised as I was); trying to explain to a student that the image of a red carpet on one of our stands does not mean that we are in the photography industry (maybe I should make the Lets Talk Law slogan bigger?); and weve had to recall some of our giveaways (better safe than sorry).

But on the whole its been a good season and there have been numerous highlights including meeting some excellent students (many thanks to those of you whove prepped before fairs and events), and some really fun employer presentations.

I think I must have missed a trick back in the day when I was a student, as I had no idea that presentations were ever being held and that these consisted of free food and drink. Free! Imagine!? You could easily subsidise your loan and be making very important career decisions all in one fell swoop.

Presentations are indeed very important as theyre a vital opportunity to get to know employers in a more relaxed environment something that you cant really do in the short five to ten minutes that you have with them at a fair. With many law firms looking so similar on paper meeting those from the firm can give you a better insight into the culture and whether it could be the right place for you.

Of course they can seem a little daunting so as a helpful guide to the art of small talk Ive come up with this three point plan:

Find out a little about the firm beforehand (or at least what type of firm it is). I had two students leave half-way through a presentation because they hadnt checked what the presentation would be about.
Have a few questions prepared that you want to ask. This is a real opportunity to get honest answers from people who work at the firm.
Circulate and talk to all the employers. Theres very likely to be a range of people consisting of trainees, partners and graduate recruitment so talk to everyone to build a full picture of the firm in question.

And enjoy yourself! As anyone who has been to a Camerons presentation youll know that we intend to! So hopefully see you at one of our many presentations or one of the upcoming fairs.

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