One Brick Ct silk leads fight to impeach PM

One Brick Court silk and Conservative MP Edward Garnier QC is leading the charge to impeach the Prime Minister over the invasion of Iraq.

Garnier is one of a cross-party group of MPs preparing the case against Tony Blair. They argue that the Prime Minister must be held to account for giving reasons for going to war which were later found to be inaccurate.

Once the terms of impeachment are drafted, the Speakers consent is needed for the motion to be debated in the House of Commons. If the motion is passed, a committee will be chosen to draw up articles of impeachment. These would be delivered to the House of Lords, and Black Rod would then arrest the Prime Minister.

The House of Lords would then sit as judge and jury in a trial of the Prime Minister, delivering a verdict after evidence from both sides is given.

Garnier, who voted for the invasion of Iraq, said he was seeking impeachment in order to get a discrete answer to a discrete question and to keep a check on the power of the Executive in the hands of the Prime Minister.

The last time the process was successful in the UK was in 1806, when Lord Melville was impeached for misappropriation of public money.