Old school

Jeanette Goldstein gives the phrase mature student a whole new meaning.

Goldstein, you see, isnt one of these thirty,forty,oreven fifty-somethings going for a career change later in life. No, the third-year law student at New York States Syracuse University will be 83 years old when she graduates this summer.

Goldstein had always dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but ended up doing the equally admirable thing of raising eight children and helping her husband run the family business.

However, when her husband passed away, she realised her passion for law was undiminished and went back to school.

The sight of an octogenarian student has certainly raised a few eyebrows. Goldstein wheels her heavy law books around campus on a cart and is a self-confessed swot always at the front of the class raising her hand.

Make no mistake, this is no mere academic pursuit for the pensioner; she intends to sit her bar exams and has her eye on a government job at the Securities and Exchange Commission, where salaries start at $85,000 (49,000).