Nottingham Law School to teach MBRMs London LPC

Nottingham Law School (NLS) has signed an exclusive deal with Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw (MBRM) to deliver the LPC for the firms London trainees.

From next Sepember MBRM will send 25-30 trainees a year to NLSs base in London, which is run in conjunction with US professional training giant Kaplan. Earlier this year NLS signed a partnership agreement with Kaplan to offer LPC and GDL places to 250 students.

MBRM London general counsel and training principal Stephen Gare explained: Nottinghamhasalways delivered good satisfaction levels for students and the standard of teaching is high. Our point of view has always been, what a shame its in Nottingham, not in London.

Nigel Savage, chief executive at the College of Law, said targeting US firms made sense, but warned that the establishment of a London school could lead to a downturn in applications for Nottinghams East Midlands base.

Peter Crisp, chief executive at BPP Law School, said NLSs move into the capital at this stage meant it was obviously playing catch-up.