Minorities to train with law mentors

A mentoring scheme that encourages students from minority backgrounds to train as lawyers is to be rolled out across the country, the College of Law has announced.

More than 60 qualified lawyers are already lined up to offer career advice to students who may find it harder to get a training contract, such as mature or disabled undergraduates, or those from ethnic minorities.

Beth Brown, a careers adviser at the College of Law in Chester who set up the scheme four years ago, now wants to recruit volunteer mentors in Birmingham, Guildford and York.

“Our mentors say they get a lot out of it,” said Brown. “They are a combination of experienced senior partners and junior lawyers, and all feel that it’s important to give something back to the young profession coming through.”

Students who join the scheme are guaranteed contact with their mentor at least four times between November and May, and can also take part in workshops. “We don’t guarantee the students work experience but they all seem to have placements,” said Brown.