Lupton Fawcett advert copier exposed

A West Yorkshire-based sole practitioner was forced to apologise to Leeds firm Lupton Fawcett after he ran the same advertisement with a different firm name in a local Asian newspaper.

Lupton Fawcett was tipped off by one of its own lawyers, who spotted the ad in Awaaz newspaper.

The solicitor who had copied the advert, Deepak Prasad of Prasad Solicitors, said: “I got a letter to say that they [Lupton Fawcett] have copyright and I wrote back to say that I&#39m very sorry, but I didn&#39t realise that they had a copyright. And it&#39s not exactly The Guardian or The Daily Telegraph.”

However, he said he accepts Lupton Fawcett&#39s argument and has made sure the advert will not appear again.

“It&#39s bizarre that it should be a lawyer and he claims he didn&#39t know he was doing anything wrong,” exclaimed a Lupton Fawcett spokesperson.

Despite being a solicitor, Prasad was unaware that the ad may have been copyrighted.