LSE law faculty tops Govt research rankings

The London School of Economicss (LSE) law faculty has beaten Oxford and Cambridge to be named as the country’s leading higher education research institution.

LSEs law department came top of the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), conducted by the Government to measure the quality of research at all UK universities.

The results published can be used to create league tables based on either grade point average (GPA) or, like the Olympics, a medal table, in which world leading 4-star publications count as gold.

A massive 45 per cent of LSEs publications have been judged to be of world leading 4-star quality, in contrast to its nearest rivals both University College London and Oxford University, which managed to get 35 per cent of their research material into the top category.

Head of the law department at LSE professor Hugh Collins said The new league table demonstrates what Ive always claimed to be the case – that LSE is the top research university in law. All staff deserve to be congratulated on this stunning result.”

The prestigious rankings will determine how the lion’s share of 1.5bn worth of Government funding for university research will be distributed later this year.

Meanwhile, Durham, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Kent Universities managed to get 35 per cent of their publications ranked 4-star, beating Cambridge, which only managed 25 per cent.

College of Law chief executive Nigel Savage, a former Board member of the Higher education Funding Council, said: “Theyre a great credit to the exercise as a whole and the excellence of the research base in some university law schools. In particular Kent should be congratulated on a fantastic performance – to produce that sort of research output requires real focus and a good managed approach.