Lovells unveils new &#39face&#39 of the firm

Lovells has found a new face to front its graduate recruitment campaign, after its resident hunk left the firm in favour of Olswang&#39s defence litigation team.

As Lawyer 2B revealed in the last issue, City firm Lovells admitted that it had been using Alex de Jongh in its adverts for three years on the trot because of his immense popularity with female students in particular.

When de Jongh quit the firm last year he left a yawning gap that the graduate recruitment team knew would be tough to fill. But judging from the appearance of Will McCallum, the young man it has chosen for the new advert, it would appear that Lovells likes to recruit handsome graduates.

Lawyer 2B&#39s resident student spokesperson was pleased with the firm&#39s new look(er). “Doesn&#39t he look like the last one?” she exclaimed. “It&#39s a shame he&#39s not smiling. But he&#39s got nice eyes.”

A Lovells spokesperson said enigmatically: “Watch out for plenty more new faces.”