Lecturer raises blood donor profile

Nottingham Law School senior lecturer Martin West is spearheading a campaign to get students and staff to give blood.

Last January, West was involved in a road traffic accident while cycling to work. He sustained serious injuries and was operated on for 10 hours, during which he was given 36 pints of blood.

Although his right leg was amputated below the knee and he was in hospital for nearly three months, West was able to go back to work in September 2004.

West decided he wanted to try to give something back in return for the blood that kept him alive. People who have had blood transfusions are unable to donate, and so instead, West organised two blood donation mornings with the help of the National Blood Service.

Minibuses ferried staff and students to and from a centre in Nottingham where they were able to give blood.

The blood donation events were so successful, with more than 50 pints donated, that West is now hoping to make the scheme a regular occurrence.

West said: “There was masses of response. Some of the students emailed and said to me, Ive been wanting to give blood and just needed something to push me to do it.”