Lawyers’ love lost

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us asks law students whether they would date a lawyer and if office romances are a good idea.

Lawyers' love lostThe dreaded day for all love stuck individuals is about to rear its ugly head again. And the begrudgingly self critical part of us comes to question are we, and indeed what makes us, attractive to our potential beaus?

With lifestyle being something that helps us relate to others and from which we are likely to meet our future mate, you may follow to question whether your life in the office might lead to you marrying a colleague?

Horror!, you might scream and stubbornly ignore any winks in the work place. But for lawyers your time to socialise will inevitably be curtailed with corporate events which may easily become your new social scene. Perhaps if youre a highly logical individual the thought to commute together and meet during lunch breaks may seem like a perfect solution to adding a relationship into your life.

Of course in these frugal times, dating another lawyer with a salary similar to yours could help to double your income. Cash in the bank still appears to be a big draw to whether you get those extra blushing smiles in the morning. But youve got to wonder as to whether exploiting your salary is the best thing to do?

A whiff of narcissists ego smells foul at needing to pawn your cash for money grabbers tarnished mitts. Indeed, many of you say that you would prefer to remain quiet on what fills your day as it probably scares people frets Sarah Sabitini, a LPC student at BPP Law School.

Chris Snell the president of the University of Birmingham law society says: People hate people doing law. Theres a perception that they are stuck up and arrogant.

But what do you do when after going through the vac scheme and securing a training contract, your hearts all a flutter every time you pass a certain member of the firms team? Is it worth jeopardising your training contract for a bit of romance?

Many feel dating someone at the same firm is not an advisable prospect. It could become complicated, its not so much what happens when youre dating, its what might happen if you break up. fears a first year law student at the University of Leeds.

It isnt hard to see how you might end up in such a dilemma, with a heady combination of secrecy and fun flirtations bringing added excitement to the working day. One student on Ashursts summer vacation scheme noted an epidemic of coupling during her time there.

Our question of the week from one lovesick associate, highlights the pressing everyday quandaries you might face over whether to pursue notions of fancy in the office.

But when your firm rules that you unequivocally cannot date a colleague what do you do in the face of your feelings; should love prevail? You decide.