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I thought long and hard about my first-ever weekly email and tried to resist the urge to rave on about our brand new website. Then I thought, what the heck? If youre looking for a training contract or pupillage then you should treat as gospel. In the days when I was looking for a training contract (which scarily enough is now more than a decade ago), there was very little information available to help me navigate my way through all the application forms and interviews.

I hadnt even set foot inside a City institution until I turned up in the reception of blue-blooded law firm Travers Smith, where I found myself standing next to a very refined lady sporting a pearl necklace and big fur coat. I was beginning to wonder what I was doing there when my worst fear came true I was asked what my parents did for a living (incidentally, they owned a very high-class curry house that, funnily enough, was often frequented by City lawyers).

Thankfully, the City has come a long way in its attempts to make the profession more accessible to students who, like myself, come from non-traditional backgrounds.

Last month I attended a careers event hosted by the Law Society for minority students. My initial response to the event was hostile: I felt it was a self-gratification exercise for the speakers and sponsors. But as I sat through the sessions I found them to be both useful and interesting, particularly the one on how to complete application forms.

Regardless of your background or experience, if your application form isnt up to scratch then you might as well kiss your dream job in law goodbye. Incidentally, if you arent already on the case, then you better get going with your application forms. But before you start, dont forget to read Lawyer2B.coms top tips on how to make your application form stand out.

So until next time, good luck.