Law students come first at fretting over their degree results

Law students worry more than any of their fellow students about what class of degree they will end up with, according to a recent survey.

The University Lifestyle Survey 2004, carried out by catering company Sodexho, found that, because of the fierce competition for jobs in the legal world, law students fretted the most about their degree class.

As a result, the survey also found that law students were the hardest working students, with one in 10 spending more than five hours a day on private study.
Surprisingly, across all undergraduates, debt came out as only the third-biggest worry after degree classification, which was first, and finding a job after graduation in second place.

Peter Taylor, head of universities for Sodexho, said:
This survey debunks the commonly-held misconception that students are solely worried about debt. Yes, it is a concern, but students seem resigned to it.