Law student in car smash court victory

A University of Luton law student has won in court after representing himself in proceedings against a mini-bus driver who ploughed into his car.

The driver’s insurance company offered Kingsley Ogunmiloyo £500 to settle the matter. But, assisted by law lecturer David Meltzer, Ogunmiloyo took the case to court.

Had the judge awarded less than the £500 offered, Ogunmiloyo could have faced liability for both sides costs. Ogunmiloyo paid more than £500 to get the case to court.

A Watford County Court judge awarded Ogunmiloyo £3,000 for his time representing himself and more than £6,000 in damages and court fees.

Meltzer said: “Kingsley showed the professional confidence and moral courage to take on the well-practised professionals and win.”